None Escape Gallade

The most important Pokemon to catching them all is my Gallade. He is level 90 now and holding a lucky egg until he hits 100. Several things about make him a Pokemon catching machine.

Move set:

  • False Swipe: won’t let the other Pokemon’s health drop below 1 hp
  • Mean Look:  target becomes unable to flee
  • Hypnosis: Puts the Pokemon to sleep (easier to catch)
  • Protect: User evades all attacks

As you can see this all makes a great Pokemon for catching Pokemon. With most low-level Pokemon it’s super simple: just use false swipe, take them down to one health, throw Pokeball, profit. When I am catching higher level Pokemon or legendaries the other moves come into play. Also, when you are trying to catch Pokemon that flee (Looking at you Abra) Mean Look is a must. He does have weak points, especially against ghost Pokemon. They can’t be hit with false swipe, and as his only damage dealing move, it makes him pretty useless.

Creating the monster

Sounds easy right? You catch a Ralts, level him up to 24 so he evolves then give him a dawn stone so that he evolves into Gallade. Then, you just teach him the moves he’ll need and be on your way to Pokemon catching greatness. Nope, not at all. It all starts with Gastly. You need him because Gallade or any of his lesser evolutions can’t learn Mean Look, however, it can be passed down as an egg move. So you have your male Gastly with Mean Look; now you need a female Ralts, Gardevoir, or Kirlia so she can hatch your mean look having baby Ralts. Here is where luck comes into play. Not all babies will get Mean Look passed down and your special mean look Ralts will also need to be a male because female Ralts can’t evolve into Gallade. Why can’t you just use a female and evolve her into Gardevoir you might ask; she can’t learn false swipe. So you finally have your mean look, male Ralts what next? You level up Ralts until he evolves into Kirlia at 20, but you have to stop her from evolving at level 30 because she doesn’t learn Hypnosis until level 44 and you need that shit. Gallade can’t learn that move, so if you evolve him you are screwed. Finally, at level 44 you let him learn Hypnosis; then hand him a dawn stone for the final evolution. Teach him False Swipe and then you’re finished. It’s a lot of work, but in the end, you have a great Pokemon for catching Pokemon. 20160209_213612


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